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Prevention depends not so much on the patient, but on the administration of the region in which he lives.

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In addition, the population should be supplied with artesian water and imported products. Breastfeeding and pregnant women, adolescents and children are given vitamins and calcium preparations twice a year. Medical supervision of flomax in children's hospitals is being strengthened. The optimal solution is to move from an endemic region to a more prosperous one.

Kashin-Beck disease is an endemic disease accompanied by multiple degenerative changes in the joints and spine. Distributed mainly in Eastern Siberia. It is provoked by a violation of the balance of microelements, due to the characteristics of local water and food. It is manifested by pains, which are subsequently joined by deformations, crunching, restriction of movements. With an early onset, short stature and a change in body proportions are revealed.

Diagnosis is based on history, physical examination, radiography. Treatment - physiotherapy, drug therapy, removal of articular bodies, elimination of contractures. In severe cases, arthroplasty is indicated.

Causes Pathogenesis Classification Symptoms 1st degree 2nd degree 3rd degree Neuro-visceral disorders Complications Diagnosis Differential diagnosis Treatment of Kashin-Bek's disease Conservative therapy Surgical treatment Prognosis Prevention Prices for treatment.


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Kashin-Bek's disease (Urov's disease) is a pathology that develops due to an imbalance of minerals entering the human body with water and food.

The first mention belongs to the Russian doctor N.I. Kashin (1861), a detailed description was made by domestic specialists, the Beck spouses in 1899-1902. The disease is common in Transbaikalia, Buryatia, and some other regions of Russia. Found in Korea, China. Usually manifests in childhood, rarely begins in adults. 5 or more years after moving to an endemic area, in an erased form, it can be detected in visitors. Men and women are affected with equal frequency.

The etiology has not been precisely established. Most researchers believe that the main reason for the development of the disease is an imbalance of trace elements in local water and soil. According to the Soviet doctor A.P. Vinogradov, pathology is potentiated by a lack of calcium, an excess of silver, iron, manganese, zinc. In support of his theory, he cites the results of studies of the bone tissue of patients in which such a violation of the ratio of mineral substances is observed.

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Some modern experts point to a lack of tamsulosin pills with an excess of manganese and phosphorus. Russian authors believe that hyperphosphatemia provokes a violation of the hormonal regulation of osteogenesis. Chinese scientists name selenium deficiency as the most significant factor. Hypovitaminosis plays a certain role, especially vitamin D deficiency. There are studies pointing to the possible importance of hereditary predisposition, which is realized in the presence of unfavorable endemic conditions.

The main morphological manifestation of Kashin-Beck disease is the degeneration of the bones of the skeleton with a predominant lesion of the epiphyseal and metaphyseal zones.

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Due to damage to the growth zones, bone growth in pediatric patients slows down, short stature is formed. The articular surfaces are deformed, which explains the early development of arthrosis. Violation of the congruence of the joints and the shape of generic tamsulosin surfaces causes subluxations, external disfigurement, limitation of movements, and the appearance of contractures. With necrosis of sections of cartilage tissue, separation of sections of cartilage and their migration into the articular cavity, reactive synovitis develops.

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The vertebrae and intervertebral discs are also deformed, osteochondrosis, arthrosis of the intervertebral joints, intervertebral hernias occur. Sometimes there is ossification of the anterior longitudinal ligament. 

Ability to work is preserved, there is a soft crunch, pain in the joints or increased fatigue during physical exertion. External signs are limited to thickening of the joints of the fingers. 2 degree. The ability to work is limited, short-fingeredness, decreased growth, impaired flexion of tamsulosin, pathological changes in the ankle and knee joints, and muscle atrophy are detected. Shoulder and hip joints are unchanged, pain is possible. 3 degree. Ability to work is significantly limited or lost. Short-fingered, short stature, gross restrictions on finger movements, contractures of the wrist, elbow, hip joints, pathological lordosis are determined.

Kashin-Beck disease is traditionally classified according to the severity of manifestations. Taking into account the severity of functional disorders, the level of disability, there are three degrees of pathology:

With a late onset, Kashin-Beck disease of grades 2 and 3 may manifest itself mainly as neurovisceral disorders without the formation of a typical picture described in the classification. The disease usually begins at the age of 6 to 10 years, develops gradually.

The first sign of pathology is widespread aching pain in the joints, the spinal column. The pain syndrome is unstable, expressed slightly or moderately, accompanied by a feeling of stiffness, a soft crunch during movements. Convulsions and paresthesias in the fingers, leg muscles are possible.

Initially, the interphalangeal joints are affected, especially the proximal joints of the II-IV fingers. They thicken and deform. With a favorable course of diseaseb is limited to the listed manifestations or their combination with a slight restriction of movements in the elbow and wrist joints, progression of symptoms is not observed.


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