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At Dultmeier Sales our goal is to help you keep your business up and running and maintaining profitability by offering a rich product portfolio usually shipped the same day.

Our technical experts are here to help you identify the correct products for whatever your unique business application is, sourced either off-the-shelf or configured for your specific needs.

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Hard to find parts. A bit pricey, but they should have what you need. Good customer service experience!

 - Phillip Johnson (owner)

Great Place for all your car wash parts.

 - Tony Millette (owner)

I've been in a couple of times. Every time the guys at the front desk were helpful in helping me problem solve.

 - Nigel Horton (owner)

Never have I ever had a bad experience with anyone at Dultmeier Sales, everyone is very helpful and very prompt, I recommend everyone to utilize the professionalism at Dultmeier Sales!!!!

 - Jessica Carter (owner)

Always been a pleasure doing business with these guys just got off the phone with Mark and he explained how to wire my new dog wash up super excited to get it going.

 - Clairemont Mesa Carwash (owner)

I was very pleased with the service I received. They were prompt and very helpful. Will use in the future and highly recommend Dultmeier.

 - Janeen O

Dultmeier is the best! When you need help with something, they will take the time to help! I am building a pump stand and Steve Jones has been a huge help!

 - Rice St Car Wash, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Knowledgeable sales team. Well stocked. Does business to business distribution of pumps, plumbing, spray nozzles and stuff like that for agriculture. Easy to get to in Omaha so stuff can get picked up same day if necessary.

 - Kacey S., Omaha, NE

Thank you for your extraordinary Sales and Customer Service Professional, Mark, who just helped me solve a series of challenges, reducing the number of remaining data points I am required to research, accelerating my ability to purchase products sooner.

Mark was refreshingly honest, extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. He truly is an honorable individual and significantly strengthens the Dultmeier brand.

Dultmeier is to be highly commended for screening, recruiting, retaining, training, empowering, retaining, and therefore I hope you will increasingly reward Mark.

 - Jeff Smith

I've been an infrequent customer - but you can bet I'll be back soon and often after this last purchase. I needed a hi-discharge submersible pump to replace the under-sized pond pump acquired recently - kept clogging up and reducing output due to leaves and other small pieces of debris getting caught in the intake slots. The pump is used to keep our pond clear of ice to provide habitat and feeding area for our ducks and geese. With winter here in force, we needed a replacement - fast!

After looking through the huge array of pumps you offer in your catalog, we chose a Goulds GLWW0511 1/2 hp sewage pump with 2" discharge, able to handle debris up to 2". Although we knew we were going to buy from you folks, we noted that Dultmeier's price was among the lowest available. The salesman we talked to on the phone (re the pump rated for continuous operation?) was polite and helpful - took our order and had the unit shipped that afternoon .

We ordered the pump last week - it was here THE NEXT DAY by noon. (UPS ground - about 170 miles from your Omaha site). By late afternoon, the pump was installed - and working great. We're amazed at its robust performance - day in and day out. The ducks and geese love the Jacuzzi-like output of the pump - residing in the water just six feet below them.

Keep up the great work! We'll see you soon.

 - Tom in Topeka, Kansas

I want to thank you for the quick service on my recent order. I've never ordered anything prior to this, so am very pleased with the service. Thank you!!

 -Rosholt, South Dakota

I have received everything. All is great and look forward to doing more business with you. Just waiting to see what the shipping charges were. Thanks again you were very helpful.

 - Greenwise Landscaping & Remedy Office Services LTD

Some years ago I needed to replace the hydraulic driven Hypro pump on my sprayer. It turned out that after accounting for exchange rate etc, the price here was 2-1/2 times what an American farmer could buy it for. Another time I checked alternator prices.. Again that magic 2-1/2 times was in operation. But interestingly when comparing notes with a British farmer, he actually had the best price for a genuine Made in USA part...so freight doesn't account for it.

I currently have spray tips coming from Nebraska via UPS @ US $2.88 per tip, compared to the equivalent of US$ 8.40 (AUS$ 10.48 exclusive of GST) which the exact same Turbo Teejets are here.

I need 160 of them for my sprayer, so even with paying approx US $150.00 in freight, US export charge, and two currency conversion fees, which brings the price to about $US$4.25 per tip net to me, i am still waaaay in front, by a little over US$4, or a little over AUS $5 per tip, ..........delivered to my mailbox.

And might I add that my contact at Dultmeier has been a pleasure to deal with each time I have been through this exercise.

 - Bowhill, South Australia

Thank you. My order arrived perfectly. I very much enjoy doing business with your company.

 - Delavan, IL

It was an absolute pleasure purchasing this pump from you. Losing our resin tank was quite an ordeal for us. You made it easy and quick to get the replacement pump. Kudos to you and your warehouse for providing excellent customer service and expediting this order. It's not that often that I notice exceptional customer service but you made me stop and notice. We will be back up and running in no time. I sincerely appreciate all your help.

 - North Hollywood, California

Just emailing you to say thanks for the second lot of tokens for our carwash. We received them yesterday. That was very prompt considering you had to order them in. We really appreciate your efforts. Have a fantastic day! Keep well. Speak to you soon.

 - Perth, Australia

Pat & Dultmeier Sales Team,

Just wanted to say Thank You for every thing you do for us at CVA Monroe! Whenever we need something you're always eager to help us in our time of need. I look forward to doing more and more business with your company in the years to come.

 - Doug Esenmenger & Monroe Agronomy Team

Pet Wash Article

Dent County residents Tammy Quick and Debra Emory-Champlain are praising Scott Radford's pet wash. "I told him I'd be back quite often," Quick said. "It's one of the most exciting things to happen in Salem for some time," said Emory-Champlain.

Radford opened his pet wash about two weeks ago in an expanded car-wash facility on Highway 32-72 East next to Breaktime. Business has really picked up in the last week, he said. The new enclosed portion of the business offers dog owners an opportunity to bring in dogs (cats are also welcome) and give them a bath.

Read Full Article from The Salem News

I've received the package this morning. Everything is allright, I sincerely wanted to thank you for your professionalism and efficiency. Congratulate your team as well.

 - Best Regards, Andre

Hypro Piston Pump and Steam Boat, Australia.

For your interest here are some pictures of a new steam boat with one of your pumps in it.

(Hypro #5320CR Piston Pump)

 - Strath Steam (Australia)

Thanks alot and good luck in your business. You certainly didn't go second class on your catalog and the couple of times I've talked to your customer reps because the nozzle wasn't working as we'd thought it would, they were always very helpful and most professional.

 - Hunt Mountain Kennels

Good morning, our RO transfer unit is up and running great. Thanks to John in service, I was able to get all my wiring questions taken care of Saturday A.M. He also gave me a better startup procedure to purge antifreeze and also prime the pump. I needed to change my unit over to 220 Volts, so he walked me thru changing the motor and the wiring, worked great.

Please give John in service a big thank you, he is a real asset to your company.

The parts I ordered turned up yesterday, thanks for everything. Your catalogue looks dangerous!! There are too many things in there that I want. Will catch up again some time.

 - Rod Forge, Australia

I would just like to tell you that I have been dealing with 3 of your employees over the past few weeks and the amount of service they have given me has been outstanding. Marc, from your car / truck wash parts department extensively, and then Lance jumped in when Marc wasn't there, and to see if there was anything he could do, got Mike Hansen involved. You have some very concerned employees there, and I just thought you should know. Thank you, and thank them for all that's been done to assist me.

 - George's Inc.

The pumps and the catalogue turned up today with no problems truly I can get stuff from 10 thousand miles away quicker than I can get from my major city 100 miles away. I am going away for a holiday in about 3 weeks time and will be gone for a bit over 6 weeks (have to soak up some sun, wine and cheese in Italy and France) so most likely it will be a little while before we talk again. So thank you sincerely for sorting it for me I truly appreciate it.

 - Strath Steam

At this time, the activity regarding the use of this equipment is very important to us. You and your company's hasty assistance in correcting the situation was greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

 - St. Louis, MO

You guys are FAST!!! Got it already. Thanks!

 - Chesterfield, Missouri

Thanks for all your help & services throughout the year. You are one of the few companies around that still do the work right.

 - Wash Works

Great job, it was delivered at 12 noon - it was on my porch and I didn't even know it. I'm so impressed! My business would surely fall without your company and dedicated staff, DULTMEIER saved the day for me again, I'm very grateful! THANK YOU! What a Godsend for me...

 - Carl Junction, Missouri

Trailer Sprayer/Skid Mount Sprayer-Custom Build.

Picture of our new washer after we modified it: note the extension on front and rear of frame. Everything is stationary except the white container for soap. It is doing a fine job.

 - Vinita, Oklahoma

My business partner & I recently purchased an abandoned eight bay self serve car wash. The seller assured us that with a few minor repairs, we would have an operational facility.

Those minor repairs, however, were more than we anticipated. The previous owners had tried correcting several chemical injection, voltage drop and electrical control problems. Unfortunately, few approaches worked with the predictability and reliability that we desired. Since we were not familiar with the system, our only hope of completing the renovation project was to seek outside help from Dultmeier Sales.

Marc deserves the most credit for creating organization out of chaos. His guidance and expertise produced the predictable and dependable system that we desired. Electrical controls were streamlined, plumbing was simplified and the equipment room really looks sharp. Although our old Hypro pumps are operating on a hope and a prayer, his talent in reconditioning them will give us a chance to get the car wash operational until we can afford to replace them.

 - Fremont, Nebraska

Pump stations look really good. I have worked with other company's pump systems that weren't set up as good and didn't look as good. Nice job!

 - Sour Lake, Texas

Firefighting ATV Sprayer-Custom Build.

It's raining buckets outdoors and so, finally, I am indoors and taking the time to drop you a note. Thanks for all the help with the firefighting pumper units. You guys assembled a top notch piece of equipment that was invaluable in our efforts to complete our Prescribed Fire season this fall.

We were able to accomplish our most successful season yet. This was due in large part to the flawless performance of the pumper units you constructed. The design and assembly are unsurpassed and they are receiving rave reviews from other colleagues in the fire community. I expect that others will want to copy this setup and I will certainly recommend that they consider your services.

 - Honey Creek, Iowa

After being in the car wash business for over 10 years, we have come to the conclusion that High Honors go to Dultmeier Sales and all its people! We have dealt with hundreds of companies and nobody else comes close.

We especially want to commend Marc who has handled our concerns proficiently and professionally. His knowledge is second to none!

Thank you and keep up the great work, it is most appreciated!

 - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Thanks for the great service on the last pump, couldn't believe how fast your company got it to me. Ordered on the Wednesday and got it on the following Monday on my doorstep halfway around the world and in a little country town! When I order parts locally now I Quote your efficiency and ask how it's so hard when you guys make it so easy. Just find it hard to believe how quick your company's is in getting your parts out, certainly a credit to you, wish everyone was the same it would make life so much easier.

The next big ask is a price on a complete pump, part no 1A101 Complete DD6 Kits, and a rough idea on the freight. Because of Dultmeiers service and realistic pricing I think It's possible for me to sell a few of these pumps and some other chemical components over here but just need to make sure I have my pricing correct and that you have one in stock.

Will hopefully hear from you when you get a chance to work it out.

P.S Give the guys in dispatch a pat on the back from me.

 - Corowa NSW, Australia

Received our order today - thanks for the very speedy postage and all the items are exactly what we asked for.

Thank you much - expect more orders from me in the future.

 - Tasmania, Australia

Subject: Your web site (first timer)

I just had to e-mail your company. You've got the best web site that I have found to date. It has everything that I use and then some.

I've been to alot of sites, but none has the ease of use with the wide-ranging choice that yours offers. I will be using it in the future!

 - Western Farm Service, Firebaugh, California

Only just got our IT back on line and yes the package is in my grubby hands. I cannot thank you enough for doing this and we shall be continuing with dealing with you on a regular basis.

Thanks for the catalogue also, the hard bit now is stripping down and repairing, but again thank you and look forward to doing business with you again.

All the very best.

 - Yeovil

Hypro 5320 Twin Piston Pump.

Subject: Pump Delivery

Would you believe the pumps turned up on Thursday which is just amazing - often it takes a week to buy and get stuff delivered inside Australia let alone from the other side of the world! I fitted one of them to an engine which is going off to Holland next week.

We shall certainly be doing more business in the future. I did not have to pay any fees or charges and it was delivered right to my door. Thank you ever so much and we shall talk again.

 - Goolwa, SA, Australia

This online catalog was well worth the money you spent. Very helpful. I'm a power-wash contractor that forgets where I put my catalog. I try to have the part numbers for Marc in Sales, this speeds up your time and lets me get exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks also for being such a great value. Keep up the great service. Remember in down markets good service companies thrive and bad ones die.

 - Plan B Inc.

You will have my business and all of my friends and acquaintances in the area will hear how happy I am with your products but mostly your service excellent job folks!!!!!!! prompt professional courteous service how refreshing thank you so much for all your help I will never go back to [...] for any of my sprayers or landscaping equipment needs. I don't know whose idea was to go with UPS good decision great job thank you.

 - Mustang, OK