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Micro Matic Closed Chemical Systems

3- and 4-Key Closed Chemical Systems and Accessories

Micro Matic, a global leader in closed chemical systems, has developed a range of Systems for a wide variety of industries and applications. Most Micro Matic closed chemical systems are meant for filling/refilling and dispensing, which are keyed with a three-key design. Systems meant for DEF use have a unique four-key design and are split into three categories, RSV (Reusable Stainless Valve), RPV (Reusable Plastic Valve) and EPV (Economic Plastic Valve). RSV and RPV systems are suitable for filling/refilling and dispensing, while EPV systems are only suitable for dispensing.

Micro Matic's commitment to high quality equipment means their systems are top of the line. Their systems include a keyed tamper evident container valve system that is closed, sealed and secure. Micro Matic systems ensure maximum purity and security, as well as being reliably and economically constructed. The closed system also ensures workforce protection from contained chemicals.

Dultmeier Sales offers all the parts necessary to create a complete chemical transfer system. Follow these links to view our Micro Matic couplers, valves, adapters and accessories. If you have issues finding your part, please call us at 1-888-677-5054.

3-Key Closed Chemical Transfer System

Micro Matic's closed chemical systems provide cost-effective chemical transfer solutions for users by allowing them to distribute on-site or off site. Note that 4-Key accessories will not run with 3-Key systems.

4-Key Closed DEF Transfer System

Micro Matic's unique key design, 4-Key products indicate that the product is meant for DEF. 3-Key products may work with 4-Key systems, but it is not recommended. *EPV couplers are 3-Key, but are built for DEF products.

Micro Matic PRO-BLEND Chemical Mixers

Pro-Blend is a unique air-driven system that mates to a Micro Matic Fill Coupler and is used to agitate or mix solutions. Micro Matic customers have used this system to mix products as viscous as resins in some applications, but always confirm what air mixing will do to a solution before using. This system requires that you have a 3-way RSV/RPV Drum Valve installed in your tote or drum.

PRO-BLEND Closed Drum Mixer

PRO-BLEND Closed Drum Mixer

PRO-BLEND for Drums. Air consumption of 1-2 CFM at 40-60 PSI.

PRO-BLEND Closed Tote Mixer

PRO-BLEND Closed Tote Mixer

PRO-BLEND for Totes. Air consumption of 3-4 CFM at 45-95 PSI.