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Mixmate Chemical Inductor

Chemical Mixing System

As a fourth-generation farming family, Praxidyn saw a need in their operation for a better, more efficient, and faster chemical mixing process and as such developed a solution for those needs. That solution is the Mixmate - a mixing system with an Android app that controls Mixmate hardware. Mixmate streamlines, and in some cases, completely automates mixing for a variety of chemicals. Mixmate is a portable, modular unit, built with scales, pumps, valves, and flow meters, making it highly flexible. Praxidyn aims to expedite mixing and prevent errors made during the mixing process, saving farmers and operations both time and money. The Mixmate system can help to prevent lost inventory, help with calculations and conversions, and generally reduce lost time.

The Intersect cloud service operates in tandem with Mixmate to synchronize and back up field data. Connecting field operations to the office, Intersect can be viewed directly from a web browser or other software systems. Data backup features mean that whenever an internet connection is present, new data is automatically stored on the cloud. This means that recent data is permanent - in the case of a lost or damaged phone or tablet, data carries over to a new device after user verification. Data Synchronization means that every operator with access to an Android phone or tablet can view whatever they need to; inventory, assets, or assigned jobs. Administrators can restrict user access to certain areas of the app to make usage even easier. Intersect also automatically sends reports to landowners, growers, or agronomists upon job completion. Inventory reconciliation and reporting features make this process easier. Finally, Intersect is secure - operator data belongs to them, and Intersect protects that data.

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Mixmate App

The Mixmate app runs on Android devices and communicates with and controls Mixmate hardware. This means that data on your Mixmate systems is collected automatically and is available on demand through the app. Data is kept securely and backed up through Intersect, a cloud service that connects equipment and smartphones to the office data system. The Mixmate app is free and easy to use, and is available on the Google Play Store under the name "Mixmate." For help setting the app up, Mixmate has an in-depth tutorial here.

The Mixmate system is all about speed and accuracy. Humans are inaccurate - and while the occasional error doesn't make too much of a difference, at the end of the year small errors can add up. A handful of errors every month could turn into thousands of dollars in inventory lost. Automated, programmed systems help prevent this, and save operators time to boot. Errors in calculations and unit conversions, such as units to ounces to gallons, can occur as well - and avoid notice until the job is done.

Praxidyn Mixmate App

Mixmate Chemical Fusion Inductors

Expensive products tend to come in small packages, and Mixmate Inductors make sure that operators can measure and mix those products quickly and accurately, with no premeasuring necessary. Mixmate's patent-pending jug processing means that no separate containers are needed. On an Android tablet, a bar graph will prompt operators to add product, showing product name, target amount, and actual amount. Mixmate can drain, measure, reconcile, record, and rinse a jug in nearly 12 seconds. When available, Mixmate uses air instead of water to rinse jugs, keeping rinse water from building up.

Hi-Line Co-op Project

The Fusion Inductor is compact and economical, and measures by flow for bulk products in automated chemical mixing. A specially designed plastic inductor measures all weight in one compact unit. The plastic inductor utilizes a high flow rate rinsing system to handle dry products better. A continuous flow mode is available for use on whole containers of dry product, in which a stream of water around the rim of the inductor cone washes down the sides of the inductor. Mixmate Fusion's compact design means it takes up very little floor space on tender trailers. The name "Fusion" comes from the combination of an inductor for jugs and dry products, and a flowmeter and stack of valves to measure bulk products. Fusion Inductors feature a stainless steel design for long life and low maintenance.

Mixmate Pro Inductors have up to six chemical input valves. Each valve has an electrical connector to control a 12-volt pump and are powered when a valve is opened for a product. Each product is measured by prescription order through the inductor. Products requiring large quantities are measured in multiple inductor fills, which occur automatically.

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Mixmate Flow

A volumetric chemical mixing system, the Mixmate Flow includes a number of unique features not found in other products, such as automated mixing and recordkeeping, for a similar price. As a simple unit, the Flow comes pre-wired, with an assembly mounted between the transfer pump and water supply tank. Full flow passes through a manifold and chemicals are mixed directly into that flow. A transfer pump for chemicals removes the need for electric pumps. The Mixmate Flow consists of two basic configurations, Flow Single and Flow Stack. Multiple units can be tied together to add bulk connections. Singles and Stacks can be used together to match the number of inputs, and multiple units operating together means faster mixing speeds.

The Flow Single consists of a one-inch valve and flowmeter. The Flow Single is mounted in a stainless steel frame, making mounting and wiring simple and allowing for multiple units to be mounted together. Chemicals are added to flow water and immediately diluted to reduce the risk of incompatibility. Flow Singles can be fitted with a gear meter or mag meter.

Flow Stacks use four motorized ball valves and sequence three bulk chemicals and water through a flowmeter. Valves, a strainer, electronics and a gear or mag meter are mounted in a stainless steel frame. Two Flow Stacks can be mounted on a wall for up to six bulk chemical inputs. Flow Stacks offer a lower cost per input, as fewer flow meters are required. Flow Stack sequences products through flow meters and rinses manifolds and flow meters automatically.

Mixmate Flow Single

Mixmate Flow Single

Mixmate Flow Stack

Mixmate Flow Stack

Why Mixmate?

  • Modular Design - Mixmate is a modular system, and as such is very flexible in usage. Mixmate modules can connect to a variety of tools and devices, such as valves, pumps, scales and flow meters. The Mixmate is portable and designed to be used in a variety of ways.

  • Automatic Records - Records created by scales and flow meters connected to the system are automatically logged through the Mixmate Android app. Those records are securely backed up on the Intersect cloud. Reports are automatically generated about data collected.

  • Easy Mixing - Mixmate allows for full automation of chemical mixing in bulk tanks, allowing the processing of jugs with no distractions and no mistakes. Bulk products are automatically recorded, and manually added products can easily be recorded in the mixing record.

  • Fast Operation - Faster, more accurate operation can save and earn farmers a lot of money. Saving ten minutes of loading time can boost productivity by 20%. On the other hand, a 600-gallon sprayer loaded in five minutes is nearly as productive as a 1200 gallon sprayer - and costs $126,000 less.

  • Compatibility - The Mixmate Flow can operate alongside both The Handler or a Chembine mixing system, which are already used by many farmers. Mixmate Flow can measure and record bulk chemicals in both systems.

  • Reduce Sprayer Operation Costs - According to AGCO data, 26% of engine hours are spent spraying. A 20% improvement, the equivalent of saving ten minutes of loading time, reduces spraying costs by $0.80 per acre.

Flow meters

Mixmate flow has several flowmeter options and typically use high-quality flow meters, with no calibration required and a ±0.5% error rating. Options include a mag meter and a positive displacement gear meter. Gear meters give the best combination of accuracy and value and have a flow range of 10 GPM for thick chemicals to 30 GPM for thin chemicals. A strainer is recommended ahead of the gear meter. Mag meters work well for very thick water-based chemicals that need higher flow volumes / rates. Flow meters give the best speed and good accuracy.

Competitive Comparison

The QuickDraw Max, which uses a similar recordkeeping system, operates using a mass flowmeter for chemicals and a mag meter and valve for water control. Mass flow meters, while extremely accurate (with an error rating of ±0.5%) can only measure one product at a time. The Mixmate Flow System achieves the same accuracy, ±0.5%, and can be used on multiple flow meters simultaneously. Most often, several high-quality flow meters will be both cheaper and operate faster. The QuickDraw Max is the highest priced product of this type.

The Spray Fill Xpress, another similar product, has a very fast load time. To achieve this speed, an operator must prepare chemicals ahead of time, multiple tanks are required to keep chemicals separate, and a pump is required to transfer bulk chemicals to their holding tanks. The operator preparing chemicals would be working with a large scale with a low resolution and would have to measure one chemical at a time. Mixmate can calculate and output the weight of each chemical using individual flow meters in each tank, and multiple chemicals can be measured simultaneously by flowmeter. Mixmate Fusion is at or below the price of the Spray Fill Xpress.

The JD Skiles Pit Stop and the BatchBoy depend on operators to read gauges correctly but are otherwise highly accurate products on ground level. Both systems require chemicals to be pumped two times, once to fill and once to empty a measuring cylinder. This can be a slow process, especially for the BatchBoy, which only uses one cylinder. Both systems are around the cost of a Mixmate Flow, but the Mixmate operates with full automation of mixing in bulk tanks and automatically records bulk product information.

Aerial Application

Fungicide applications have become quite popular recently in the Midwest, sprayed on corn and soybeans. A large number of acres are treated daily, with several retail locations typically serviced by a local aerial applicator. During busier times, other applicators will help nearby locations. Mixmate can help control the accuracy of this type of application by adjusting blends to compensate for expected overlaps. If aerial applicators overapply or overlap chemicals, the expense typically comes out of their pocket, a good incentive for both parties to be as accurate as possible.

Helicopter application has become more popular recently as well but is an expensive way to operate. Helicopters have to load in the field to be productive, due to the small loads they carry. Ground crews must move between fields to load helicopters. Mixmate can mix a load in less than a minute for small loads, in addition to streamlining the blending process. This can help reduce stress on the ground crews, and also help to improve mixing accuracy.

Human Error

Everyone makes mistakes - it's a part of human nature. Even the most skilled operators can make mistakes with measurements or calculations, and small amounts of lost product tend to add up. This can be much more apparent in seasonal or unskilled help, who may not have experience mixing or are prone to mistakes. Mixmate mitigates this problem by doing calculations and measurements for the operator. Products are measured as they are poured by weight, eliminating the need for premeasuring, and target amounts are compared to actual amounts to help monitor operator accuracy. To make use easier, administrators can filter the options users can see, locking them out of unneeded areas of the app.


Mixmate can boast one of the few automated recordkeeping systems amongst similar products. Recordkeeping can take away field time and efficiency, and errors can always be made no matter how accurate an operator is. Mixmate creates records of work while it's done, saving time in the field and out of it. This means that records created are accurate and quick, and with the Intersect cloud service helping to store that data, there's always a backup available, making it very hard to lose track of records.


Mixmate is a modular product and can adapt to the needs of an operator. A great deal of variables might present themselves from field to field, such as weed size, spectrum, soil fertility, old chemical programs, even weather conditions. One of Mixmate's patented features is its capability to adjust mix according to field conditions. For example, old chemical programs could be noted, and the mix adjusted depending on what types of chemicals are already present. Weed size could be set from minimum to maximum and adjusted over time.